Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow Removal

Design Outdoor is has a new service- D.O. SNOW.  Many homes use snow removal services that employ large loaders and backhoes that scratch and damage pavers and concrete driveways.  They also can not access walkways, sidewalks and backyard patios.  D.O. Snow uses only snow blowers and hand shoveling that will protect your surfaces from damages and get to these hard to find areas.  This service is available in Arrowcreek, Saddlehorn and Field Creek.  Call 775-851-9499 for details.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sealing pavers

Do you need to seal your paver?  While it is highly recommened, the answer is no.  You will get years of enjoyment out of your concrete pavers, even if you don't. 

That being said, I recommend sealing because it protects them and helps them from fading.  If you use an ice melter, even a concrete approved one, you must seal your pavers or they WILL spall on the surface, creating pock marks.    Sealing concrete pavers also protects driveways from oil stains and patios from BBQ grease stains. 

I recommend always using a solvent based sealer over water base.  Solvents are easier to work with over time if there is effloressence or other problems, and it is easier to maintain.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reno Water Meter Change Over

By next summer, the water company will have started changing over 7700 flat rate homes to water meters.  This will probably increase peoples water bills significantly. 

Design Outdoor is consdiering having classes to teach homeowner water saving ideas.  These classes will focus on everything from how to change out irrigation systems to more water efficient types to how to re-landscape yards for better water efficiency.  The classes will be taught by local landscape architects and contractors with experience.  Anybody interested in this?